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    2008 Kawasaki Ultra 250x 4 sale ...MUST READ!!

    I am selling my 2008 Kawasaki Ultra 250x that has won my wife and I many titles.
    This is a ski that has been touched or prepped by some of the best in the world! Its had the hands of people like Tim Judge, Chris Macclugage, Jack Jeter, Skip Holmes in it just to name a few. Below you will find all the parts the ski has in it and on it. This Ultra is VERY QUICK and handles as if its on rails. It is set up for quickness on holeshotand buoy to buoy, It can easily be changed for top speed and comes with spare prop! This is a STOCK CLASS LEGAL set up! This ski has been raced by Dustin farthing as well and tooka 2nd place win at one of the 09 Tour stops as a back up ski!

    2008 Kawasaki Ultra 250x Macc Racing/Judge Motorsports Prepped
    Riva Racing Sponsons
    R&D Carbon Fiber Ride Plate ( May or may not come with boat..negotiable)
    R&D Intake Grate
    R&D Pump Shoe Seal Kit
    R&D Drop in Air Filter
    R&D BOV Block off
    R&D Fuel extender P.U.
    Macc Racing Green Throttle lever
    Macc Racing Valve Covers and Oil Cap
    Macc Racing Carbon Fiber mirror covers
    Custom Kawi Green Painted Valve Cover
    Kawasaki 15-f Steering neck
    Renthal Rc/Alessi Handle Bars
    ODI Grips
    Custom Exotic Signs Number plate with changeable numbers
    ApDesigns Custom seat cover with Kawi Green Custom Kawasaki emblem rear seat
    ApDesigns Side wedges
    ApDesigns Custom Monster Energy Mats with Spare Set
    The Chrome nose piece and rear set handle have been changed out to the LX Black
    All excess hoses and tubes have been removed from the hull and front areas as allowed per the rulebooks
    Reverse bucket and hardware removed
    Judge Motorsports CUSTOM bent prop bent by THE MAN himslef THE JUDGE Tim Judge..KILLER BEND!!!
    Skip Holmes custom tuned timing advance plate 6 degrees
    Intercooler mod
    Duckbill Drain System
    Remaining Factory Extended Warranty thru 2011

    This ski has been VERY WELL maintained and kept..Always kept in a Storage facility or my Garage.
    The oil is changed after EVERY major race and Plugs changed every other race. We use Iridium type plugs with NO ISSUES on fouling plugs.
    We have ALWAYS used Castrol 10w30 Fully Synthetic Oil and nothing less that 93 Pump Gas (Shell)
    It does have various knicks and scratches on the deck and bottom but heck its a race ski!

    We are asking $8,000.00 (negotiable)

    Below you will find the various titles it has one in its short time:
    (These are recent ones and just a few!)
    2008 #4 Womens Runabout IJSBA Closed Course World Finals Champ (Jennifer Jeter)
    2008&2009 #1*Expert Open Highpts&National Champ(2x) (Endurance)
    2009 #1*Am Vet Open National&Highpts Champion (Endurance)
    2009 #1*(2x)Pro Stk National Champ #2 in Highpts (Endurance)
    2009 #3*Pro Open National Champion (Endurance)
    2009 #4*National High points Pro Open Champion (Endurance)
    2009 #10 Amatuer R/A Stock IJSBA Closed Course World Finals Champion
    2009 #9 Pro-am R/A Stock IJSBA Closed Course World Finals Champion
    2009 #6 Pro-Am R/A Stk Closed Course National Highpoints Champion
    2009 #1 Pro-Am R/A Stk Closed Course Region 5 Champion
    *All titles in 08 & 09 done on a STOCK legal Ultra 250x

    If interested please call 214-498-3592 or email me at [email protected]

    More still pics coming as soon as the sun comes back out! HAHA
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    whats the reason for the sale ?

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    Time to upgrade to a new ski! Big plans for 2010! Its hard to part with thisone because its so good but what I want to get will expand my oppurtunities to go even faster!

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    How fast is it ? Shipping?

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    The way its set up right now is a consistent 67.4 Like I said Its set up for quickness.

    Where you located?

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    Maybe swap for your 260x?

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    It's actually not MY ski... its a brother in law's now. But you know he never rides it and he woudln't know the difference between the 250x and 260x . For right now I think he wants to keep it but I'll let you know if we need to get rid of it.

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    Factory Warranty? Yea, I doubt that! Modifications have negated that.

    Nice ski though!

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