I bought a 1999 XL 1200 limited waverunner. It had the engine lock due to crankshaft failure. All of the pistons cylinders are in great shape with no marks or anything. Also I measure them and all where in specification range. The only thing I have to buy is the crankshaft and one piston. My question is will I need to buy all 3 pistons? Or just change the one that is bad? Right now the engine had 2 Prox pistons and one wsm piston. Will this cause any problems. All of them are in the 79.90mm size. Will I need to change all of them or just change the one that is bad and that is it? The one that is bad is one Pro X so that will let me with 2 Prox ( if I buy a pro X ) and one WSM or just swap all of them? Thanks in advance.