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    !!! Help !!! 2002 Polaris

    I have a 2002 Polaris Genies 1200 DI after the ski heats up it shouts off . The compression in the front two cylinders are 145 lb. and the back one is 135 lb. the spark plugs are new and the spark is strong . And other problem is that it does not like to idle .

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    How loud is it when shouting off?

    When it shuts down, does it sputter and try to keep running, or does it act like you pulled the safety lanyard off?
    Does it suddenly shut off when running at speed, or just at idle?

    Does it restart immediately?

    When it does restart, how long until it shuts off again?

    And red lamp or warning message on the display before or when it shuts down?

    How long have you owned this machine?
    What is the service history?

    When it is cold, does it idle better than when warmed up?

    How long does it run from cold before it shuts down?

    Is the time consistent, or are the shut down events almost random?

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