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    Riva Stage One Question?

    I just put on a riva stage one for my 06 rxp. When we put in the Power Filter, we left the black intake tube by the gas tank in so the straps were still tight, we just cut it down so the filter wouldn't hit it. When going about 4000-4500 rpms and i turn it makes a weird sound like its sucking really hard and can't get this normal...runs fine just want to be sure its alright. Any ideas?

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    Are you sure its not your intake grate making the noise cause mine makes like a weird noise when i turn like a low deep whistle, like those toys they used to make , u turn them upside down and then make a weird sound then turn them back over, and same thing, i dont know if you know what im talking about but whatever anyways, its sounds kinda funny!!lol, i notice mine did it as soon as i put the intake grate on , i dunno if thats what yours is doing if so i dont think you have anything to worry about, i took everything out for my filter and left the front plastic **** in if thats what your talkin about but all the stuff that was on top of the tank came out and i just hooked the straps back in!!

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    Thats the RIVA grate making that sound when you make a turn at those RPM.

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    i thought so!!!lol

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    Thats what that noise was....

    I heard it after my grate was put on but didn't put 2 + 2 together....

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    I never would thought of that, sounds like it can't get any water....O well as long as its normal.

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