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    SHO Mods for meee....?

    Hey guys,
    all this talk about stage 3 and crazy horsepower out of these 1.8L's is really givin me the nac to mod. I was going to wait until my warranty ran out but thats not for another 2 years. So i have some questions. Do bolt on mods affect warranty? What mods can i do without upgrading computer system. I want good sound and to make it flow better. Definately getting ff exhaust, cold air intake (may make a jet draft system), intake manifold upgrade and blow off valve. Those are definates. But what other mods do you suggest that i can do without the ecu upgrade. I don't want it to have 330hp (well i do just dont want to spend that much coin, i dont race, dont want it to be a pig on gas, and dont want to piss off my fellow cottagers up north). i know its always good to make the motor and parts cooler so maybe the intercooler upgrade or the big honkin intercoolers offered by riva or R&D. Which brings me to another question RIVA or R&D? R&D seems to be cheaper for everything but is riva better quality or something?



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    It's controversial exactly where modding voids warranty. Some say it's when you change the first OEM part for an aftermarket part. Others say as long as a part is a bolt-on part, it's all good. Others say it depends on your relationship with the dealer that would be doing a warranty claim (I believe Riva will sell you a ski modded with their parts--that they installed--and honor a warranty but you would really need to live in Florida). I asked my dealer (who I never dealt with prior to purchasing my FZS from them) prior to closing the deal on my ski about modding and warranties and they were uncomfortable talking about this. They talked but didn't really say anything.

    Modding shouldn't hurt your engine as long as you a.) Do your research, b.) Do your research (again) and c.) Buy parts that are from a reputable source. Research what guys are doing here on the forum and then get a gameplan together that will get you to your goal speed.

    I will say that it is co$tly if you want to have the fastest ski around. If co$t OR warranty really matters, keep it stock--I was impressed with my ski in stock form.

    BUT... Don't ride one with more boost because you will stop thinking about cost or warranties.

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    + 1 talk with your dealer and see how they feel, but you should be ok with lower end bolt on mod's, you can get an r&d ride plate which that will give you a mile or two on flat water in chop the stocker will work for you better, riva intake grate will be better on flat and r&d for chop, c-3 or b-1 with the powershot and instead of the more expensive riva or r&d IC get you a type 19 frozen boost IC for abt 169.00 just keep in mind you will have to have someone do a little fabrication for the piping and bov but well worth it. if you are happy with about 72mph for about $1300 along with your other mod's u mentioned there ya go "WARNING MODDING CAN BE ADDICTIVE"

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    Send your stock plate to Jim for modding instead of going with the R&D. The R&D plate will bounce on flat water which is really annoying.

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