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    waxing/polishing/sealing paint on the FX hull?

    Hey guys,

    I just bought 2 x 2009 FX SHO's brand new, just wondering if its ok to put a paint sealant/wax on the hull? Already done the top half with wolfgang deep gloss sealant, looks sexy! I like to keep my toys nice and clean, my old ski's were faded and looked sh*t so dont want anything to happen to these ones lol


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    i strictly use Maguries products. Very very high quality. and the shin you get is great. wax lasts pretty long. Its somewhat expensive but well worth it.

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    Don't use anything but polymers as your wax choice. Stay away from Carnauba does not hold up well to extreme, salt, hard water etc. McGuires has the polymer waxes.

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