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    Allow me to introduce myself.

    Hello, all, I just joined the forum.

    I bought a used '04 RXP today with 52 hours on it. Paid $7000 for it and an aluminum trailer. Hope I did okay. . . Test rode it today and it's not that different from my old '95 HX, though it runs over 10 mph faster. I noticed a few things. When hopping out the water, it bounces off the rev limiter a few times. Also, according to the stock gauges, it's running 68 mph at 7800 rpm. The ex-owner claims to have upgraded the supercharger to an "indestructible" $2200 unit from Sea-Doo. At minimum, I'm assuming I don't have to change clutch washers.

    Does anyone else notice that it seems to go a little faster with the VTS not all the way up?

    Anyway, I plan on starting with the best bang-for-the-buck mods. From what I've read, I need to fill the ride plate holes. What do I fill them with? Also, remove the impeller nose cone, though I'm a little skeptical about this one. . .

    If anyone here needs any assistance from a Mechanical Engineer, I'll try and help out. I've performed many performance-related calc's in the past, such as supercharger efficiency and power required to drive them. I have an '00 Ford Lightning that I drive everyday and a Turbocharged '95 Z28 that I fool around with. I built the turbo kit myself and the car pulls 143 mph in the quarter at full street weight and still has A/C. You might say that I like forced induction. . .

    Later fellas.

    Any input on my ski is appreciated.

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    Hey man welcome to the forum , and nice purchase, as for filling the ride plates holes i used cold weld apoxy and its a grayish color to so it kinda matches and its real hard. When you come outta the water you should be easing of the throttle to help save your s/c clutch, that way it wont bounce off the rev limiter. I reached my highest speeds at 2 clicks down form the top on the VTS gauge. I recently just put a STG 1 on with a blow off valve and exhaust with water wetter in the coolant and filled the ride plate hols and did the reverse bucket mod, and my best is 74.8mph. So its not hard to make these machines go fast and im sure others will chime in to help ya, well hope you enjoy your knew machine and let the modding begin. Oh and glad to see we have another Lightning owner on the forum i to own a 04' Lightning as my everyday driver, its on my display pic!! good luck man ttyl!

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    Hi Mike, welcome to the forum. Im right down the road from you in Morgan City

    Sounds like you got a good deal. The previous owner was feeding you a line about the $2200 supercharger though

    The first thing you will want to do is upgrade the ceramic clutch washers to metal.

    I use JB Weld stick to fill my rideplate holes.

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    Hey welcome to the forum do a search for words such as free speed mods and you'll get tons of results of different things we've all been trying. On the home page Jerry aka greenhulk has posted 2 good detailed free speed mods one being the ride plate holes and the other is the reverse bucket mod. Another good one is removing the impeller nose cone...yep it actually works. Those should be good to start you off but the first thing you'll want to spend your money on before anything else is opas block offs. Depending on how much you're willing to spend you could go for the ones that merely cover the holes that will cost you any where from $50 or so used to $90 new. Or you could go with the RE pro blockoffs that extend along the hull to pretty much eliminate porpoising. Those will run you about $290 but they're worth the money if you're interested in keeping your speed through chop. The next best things would be the skegs Jerry sells for $120 and the Riva Stage one to start you off. The Riva kit consists of an intake grate, air filter, solas 14/19r impeller, and a pump wedge but personally I'd just buy the grate and solas separate and make your own air intake using 4" flex hose. I hope this helps to start you off just try and look around the site to get a good idea of all of cool things Jerry and the rest of us have got going with these machines. They're a force to be reckoned with...

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    I saw the rxp you bought on ebay. It was a chump sitting on the seat in the picture right? he called it " nellie" . what a piece of work he is. Anyway I didnt bid on that ski only because of his stupid ad and his silly face. BUT it is a nice looking ski and it looks like he took care of it. the upgrade he is referring to is an 06 upgrade I believe. If he paid 2200 for it than he is as much a chump as his picture shows. If that is the case, you need to just put in the metal 06 washers which you could buy from Jerry on this site and you should be good to go. You got a good deal on it, so be happy, and welcome to the best site around for 4-tec performance!

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    Welcome Mike,
    I am somewhat of a newbie myself here but thanks to the guys your learning curve regarding these skis can be very very quick. HAving had a couple of 800+ HP street cars myself and some earlier vinatage 96 Seadoo XP's , Xp800 and a Yamaha 1100 these newer skis are far more stable and of course quicker and faster than the skis I was running 8-10 years ago.

    The standard level of performance of these skis seem to fall into four categories :

    Stock and NEAR stock skis running 67-68 to roughly 72-73 mph (stock to stage 1 level)

    Moderately modded skis that run in the area of 75-77 MPH (a strong stage 2 level)

    Substancially modded skis that un 80+ to 82-83 MPH and this is a relatively small group. Stage 3 and beyond

    The CRAZIES that run 85 MPH + probably less than 20 of these in the whole country IF that many.

    Of course HP costs money just like in the car world so basically the cost for going fast is roughly:

    700-800 dollars (stage 1)
    2500 dollars (strong stage 2)
    3000-4500 dollars (strong stage 3)
    7000-10000 dollars (crazies stage)

    Cost can be affected DRAMATICALLY if you can do the labor yourself and that is one of the major benefits of this forum and the generous members who are more than willing to help even to the extent of physically giving you a hand.

    Anyway WELCOME aboard

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    Welcome to the forum.

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    Thanks for the replies, guys!

    After some more reading, it looks like the free mod's are:

    - Make sure the oil level is "low". Mine is 1/2" above the top bend.
    - Trim the reverse bucket. (? mph)
    - Fill the ride plate holes with JB Weld or equivalent. (1 - 1.5 mph)
    - Remove the nose cone from the impeller. (.3 - .5 mph)
    - Cut 2" off the J-pipe.

    Heck, it looks like you could almost touch 70 mph with only the free mod's. We'll see. . .


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    Mike, I`m really glad your here. I need some drawings if you could. Do you have access to cat 3D? There are a couple of things I am working on with the RXP. I`ll PM you. Thanks.

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    Mike first off welcome....If you oil is half "above "the top not notch it is too high....Make sure you check it properly though..There is a procedure....
    Second...Cuttind the "j" pipe will not do anything for you unless you modify the rest of the waterbox...Thirdly...You need to GET RID of the ceramic washers in the supercharger...Although you might get away with running the ski on ceramics...Being that the ski is probably out of warrenty if you do have a clutch failure you are looking at ALOT of money and ALOT of down time....100 dollars is not a bad investmant for piece of mind...If you live close enough to Jerry... I am sure he would be MORE than willing to help you install the metal washers.....And finaly..My tip for better speed and acceleration...Change your stock air intake out for a customized one...There are a few threads on here pertaining to just that...If you are not afraid to throw some $$$ into the mix....Get an ECU...And an aftermarket External intercooler...

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