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    Need help tricking out my 1997 sl 1050

    I need help figuring out just what performance mods I can do to max out my 1997 polaris 1050, please post your results and ideas. thanks all

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    Welcome to the Hulk

    What kinds of water do you ride on?
    Smooth, choppy, or rough/waves?

    The 1050 is fairly quick to begin with, how much more are you looking for?

    More top speed, or more bottom end acceleration?

    Are you happy with the way the hull rides?

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    all water bro!

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    all around perfromance, but top end is nice too haha

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    i like the hull but if you know how to make it better i am down

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    In stock form, the SL 1050 is already a nice package.

    You can improve rough water ride and speed with a longer/aftermarket ride plate, and scoop style intake grate.

    Engine power is already fairly eager with the 1050, but some gains can be had with higher compression cylinder heads, cylinder porting, and if you can find them, tuned triple exhaust pipes.

    You can swap in an 1165cc '1200' motor for more power, and that engine can be enlarged further with a big-bore modification.

    An impeller change can improve acceleration and maybe top end.

    Much has been written regarding these different ways to modify a Polaris. Use the Search function, and read the threads.

    The 1050 engine was only used for a few years, so a lot of the performance threads will be discussing the very similar Polaris 'domestic' red 1200 engine.

    Click the link below for more useful info.

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    i cant find heads and pipes or really anything for my 1050 whats a good site or two.

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    It's going to e hard to find pipes for the 1050, You definately can find things like domes and a cdi,, not sure how much this will help though. Check the classified, I believe 785 lugs had some 1050 heads for sale

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    the sl1050 has the high port jugs and good carbs.the ride plate is already the long version.rd 650 intake grate and the ocean version ocean pro rode plate.some guys like to clip the end corners to improve the cornering of came with a aluminum 5 vane stator,go to a s/s 6 vane.its got a skat style prop.a nu-jet will add about 2mph

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