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    I need help again

    I have a 1995 650 I just put the engine in, everything is hooked up and ready to start then I said to my self STOP!!!!! can anyone tell me what type of oil, where do I add it and how much do I put in the crank case. I would really like to start it tomorrow thanks steve
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    Um, you need to do some reading before you start that engine.

    A 2-stroke engine does not have liquid oil in the crank case. If your Polaris still has the stock oil injection system in place, then you have an oil tank where you would put high quality 2-stroke oil.

    If the oil injection system has been disconnected, then you must pre-mix the 2-stroke oil into the gasoline.

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    How much do I put in the crank case?. Your jetski there uses the oil in the gas to lubricate everything as it runs! Now whether you mix it beforehand or not depends on what K-447 said.

    Theres 2 Tanks on your jetski! 1 for gasoline and 1 for the oil. you have to find that oil tank and see if the line is hooked up to it.and the other lines are connected to the oil pump! If it's not there --meaning the oil tank and the lines and the pump is blocked off, then you have to pre-mix your gas with the 2-stroke oil which goes in the tank as follows 3.2 oz oil / 1 gallon of gas is what ya want to mix . so 5 gallons gas gets 1 pt of 2-stroke oil! ok?

    Don't just buy 10w-40 and use it. it will sink to the bottom\of the tank and youll ending up burning pistons!,$$$$$$ Read a bunch on here first. you'll learn a lot! there fun but they need TLC or they will die on ya!.

    Welcome to the hulk!

    heres what your looking for:

    Do a compression check if ya can, theres info on here how to do that also!. TELL US THE NUMBERS!

    The oil pump also is connected to the throttle arm. It's a cable like the throttle is. If thats off, you wont let any oil in the engine while running. Make sure that cable is there and working. I think at idle, it is 100/1 ratio gas to oil, then a half throttle it goes to 50/1 and a full throttle it goes to 40/1. The reason for this is to reduce smoking at idle, give the correct amount at midrange throttle and it goes to 40/1 at Full throttle(better known as WOT). That extra oil protects the engine from getting into trouble while running wide open. Let us know if ya found those items and take pictures of your ski if possible and the parts your looking for!

    Since this motor sounds like an unknown, I'd take the plugs out and turn it over a couple times to make sure there no oil or water in it or else it could hydrolock on ya(twist the crank out of true) and thats big problems.
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