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    97 gsx dont know what to mod on it

    i have a 97 gsx i just got it painted so it looks good but i need something else done to it. i dont know where to start i was thinking of a bilge pump, jetting the carbs and flame arrester, what i need is more bottom end then top end i like to go fast but i dont need to go 60 mph. i want to go 10 feet in the air off a wave. i am new to sea doos give my a sled and i can do anything with it. can someone help be out?

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    you need a prop and nozzle setup. Be on the lookout Solas, Concord, Skat trac, Nujet props. Im not sure who else makes nozzles but I have had good luck with R&D. This will get you what you want with out heavily modding your boat.

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    what pitch angle of the impeller should i get? and what series of solas should i be looking for there are about 6 or 7 differant series.

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    I run an XO solas. its a middle of the road prop. going either side of that will either add more hole shot and less top end or the other way with less hole shot and more top end.

    SD-CD-17/25@ SD-SC-X0(16.5-23.5)*
    here are the pitches that are under the XO prop for the XP

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    i'm running the 17/24. its done a good job, i can beat the competition out of the holeshot. i can beat the stock 951 skis with my 787 gsx

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