For those of you who have not seen Michael Jackson's movie THIS IS IT..YOU MUST go see this movie..That man was SIMPLY AMAZING..a true GENIUS. He seemed as if he was a perfectionist and it is VERY sad that we lost such an awesome entertainer!

Now on that note.....

I feel that THIS IS IT..this is the time for ALL of us to speak up and make changes for the 2010 season. Our sports got time on our side due to the fact it is still a fairly young sport and its going to have issues just like any other sport. I know you have heard things like this before but have you ever stopped and really thought about YOUR sport and thought about where YOU want to go with all of it? I dont think many of you have..for those that have, what have you done about it?

I APPLAUD all of those that have tried and that have made a difference! But I think NOW is the time for us to not only speak up and tell them and US as promotors what YOU WANT! Some may say "We have told you" Yes you may have told some of us or our sanctioning bodies but have they listened? To some extent YES but in other ways NO! There has been ALOT of finger pointing as of late and I SAY STOP & point the finger at YOURSELVES!


With YOUR help we can make this sport GROW again! I mean if you guys only knew some of the BS and nonsense that some other sports are going thru you would think our sport is LUCKY. I have done alot of watching and listening to some of our friends and I have witnessed some of the turmoil in the sport of Moto enduro racing. The only way for our sport to grow is to work together and I mean TOGETHER!!

At the worlds finals I watched alot of teams this year and I was really impressed with how they were just that a TEAM! I mean look at Team Mean for instance..great people and they were always there for each other and even their fellow competitors. I also witnessed other nations helping their competitors from other nations that in the past they wouldnt even look each others way.I spoke a little the other night on The Liquid Speed Show and mentioned about how in the pits and thruout world finals it felt like a sense of peace among everyone! I mean it was so awesome as someone mentioned in a prior post to see so many families attending the world finals together. I especially enjoyed watching Dustin farthing and his wife and sons really enjoying themselves and he loves his family so much. Dustin was really quiet this year and he was VERY focused on his racing but even MORE focused on his family. AWESOME!

I think we realize that in order to change we must ENJOY what we do and look past the politics of it all, that is what it seems happened at world finals.I was talking to Scott Frazier at world finals and we were talking about how racers were coming up and giving him ideas as well as props for a great time. YES there were some I guess we could say disagreements with some things and with some people but there always will be just that disagreements, sometimes its good to agree to disagree! But you know those that were involved worked it out and in the end I saw ALOT of smiling faces at the end of each day.

I have been doing ALOT of thinking with My wife Jenn and we have come up with some things that we will be presenting to Scott Frazier and Patrick mell in thenest few weeks and we would like to see what you think of our proposed ideas and changes for the 2010 season. We also would like your input on YOUR ideas and changes. You can post them here or you can send them to us via Email at [email protected] and in about 2 weeks I will put together our final proposal list to The IJSBA and APBA. Please be honest and remember....THIS IS IT...time to have some FUN with it all!!! Because in the end THATS WHAT ITS ALL ABOUT!!!

2010 Proposed chnages and Ideas:

1). Propose a safety committee that consists of at least one (1) person in every affiliate and every region to ensure absolute SAFETY before ANY rider is allowed on the race course. That committee member or members will be in charge of appointing 2 riders (one from ski class and one from R/A) to give them feedback during practice to let the promotor or course marshalls know of any hazards or "Danger" areas on the track. this is due to not everybody sees the same thing and its YOU the racer who is the one running the course and we need not let anyone on the track until everyone feels safe. Now mid you we know that there is inherent dangers in our sport just as much as any sport and we cannot completely get rid of all dangers but we can make sure that we make it as safe as possible. SAFETY IS EVERYONE'S NUMBER 1 PRIORITY!!

2). Reduce the number of Runabouts allowed n the line to 12 in Nov/Amatuer classes and no more than 16-18 in Expert and Pro-am. This ideawas brought up by Scott Frazier himself at worlds. The speeds and size as well as the weight of these runabout these days are NUTS and it can reduce some of the dangers. Plus I think it would make it more interesting for spectators and racers alike.

3). Do away with NOVICE classes completely..I mean think about it Amatuer is the new novice anyways. If you look at the Novice classes like say Nov R/A Stock and so on and then look at AM R/A Stock (I just use them as example) you will see alot of the exact same racers in both classes and usually the same results in each class. Why give you guys as racers the option of spending even more money to run the exact same class. Plus it would eliminate over 20 somthing classes, for example on one day at The world finals this year we had over 40 motos..REDICULOUS!!! and most of thos were Novice classes and then you saw the same classes basically ran in Amatuer as well. That would reduce the number of motos as well as reduce the staff time needed and reduce the costs that we could use elsewhere like payouts or better equipment. If we did this the following levels would be implemented,

Beginner- Maximum of 2 years allowed in Beginner
Amatuer- Maximum of 4 years allowed in all amateur classes NO experts allowed to run in amatuer. Mimimum of 2 years before you apply for an Expert/Pro-am Card
Expert/Pro-am- Minimum of 4 years in Expert/Pro-am before you can apply for a PRO card and you MUST apply to IJSBA and then the IJSBA would send our fellow PRO riders a notification that you are applying for a PRO card and if you qualify you will be granted a PRO card. There is NO maximum in this level. NO PAYOUTS in EXPERT classes but there will be payout in SOME Pro-am Classes TBD
PRO- See above and there is NO Maximum obviously

4). Go back to YOU MUST QUALIFY to attend the IJSBA World Finals and Nationals.
The way you qualify would be by either the amount of races or by the amount of poinst you have thru the year. You can still be considered an "Alternate" but you still must have a certain amount points or races attended to be considered as an alternate. There were way too many riders I heard that it was there 1st or 2nd race ever at the world finals and nationals this year..and although thats cool they are racing with us you have to ask yourself..Is it safe to have inexperienced riders on a world or national level?

5). Figure out some way to GIVE BACK to the community in some way at least once a year..Maybe at The World Finals or Nationals like to under priveleged children. I had a racer call me just the other day and suggest this and it was an awesome idea. Give to a charity or invite some of the local children from orphaned children or ones with no families or brothers and sisters to come hang out with a pro for a day and feel a part of what we are doing!!

6). Introduce a Sport GP class as a type of exhibition race at worlds and nationals similiar to Sport Spec...Rules TBD determined soon!

7). GET RID of the 180 turns whether its a single or double at ANY event..They are outdated and DANGEROUS. make the split as it was intended for..A split..its more fun to watch to racers come out of the split and drag race down the front stretch than to see 5-12 riders PILING up in the turns coming out of the split with some NOT coming out of it without some damage to themselves or their equipment!

These are just some of the ideas and proposed changes we have in mind and now its YOUR TURN to give us more and some feedback on what you think! I may add a couple more as you guys post away and hopefully send us an email so that we can prepare it for Scott and Patrick.

Now remember its not just the U.S.A. that we are talking about...we will be presenting these to the other world affiliates as well...This IS NOT a one sided or one way street. So everyones input is crucial!

Thank you to everyone that has supported R5WaterXRacing and its racers and R5WX looks forward ot trying to help in making our sport GROW!!!

"Flyin" Brian Smiith
Jennifer Jeter