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    787 or 951 parts

    Basically need a complete running 787 or 951 engine with the electrical system. I would like to trade a 94 Tigershark Montego for this. The 640 is lake ready with a new starter and fresh top end with around 25 hours on it.

    I am in Atlanta, Ga and willing to travel some. I will be in Houston, TX for thanksgiving and I am driving so we could work something out.

    I would also take a mostly complete/non running 787 or 951 ski as well.

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    I think I have everything needed to put together everything for a complete 96 XP or 97 SPX. Could be complete minus head(but I have a pitted one), crank (but I have a few bad ones) and raves (I have some loose ones).

    I think I PMed you with prices on a few pieces that I think totaled $500 If I am correct about that then you can have the whole boat for the same price.

    The '97 is in better shape but you may have to wait a little longer for the title be be available. Paperwork should be in order in the next of weeks.

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    i have a freshwater 98 GSXltd here, with a good 951 in it. MPEM is shot. we will be parting it out.

    i could seel you as much or as little as you like.

    i am in WI, and sorry i have no interest in a tiger shark.

    send me an email, or call the shop if you would like to buy the motor, or anyhting else from this machine.

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    I will keep the offers in mind, if I can't trade this ski for what I need then come spring time I will sell it and buy the stuff.

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    I have been looking at yours and want it but don't have the cash to spare right now for that much. Again, if the Tigershark sells faster than expected Ill probably be in contact.

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    Bump, looking to trade for XP 800 or 951 stuff. Mostly need an engine. Let me know what you have.

    In the middle of a good clean up. She cleans up nicely.

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