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    Kudos to those racing DP to O'side & Back Offshore Race!

    Best of good wishes to all the competitors at the Dana Point to Oceanside and Back Offshore race!

    In a few hours the Offshore Triple Crown Winners will be crowned!

    I want to send groovy vibes out to the following folks:

    Justin Mellon for his first ever PWC race!

    Erica Davis #88 for her first every PWC Race. Erica is a parapelgic and she will be racing on a Kawasaki Ultra LX. Pirate will be her chase boat during the 58 mile race. This is true grit.

    And to the sponsors of this event.

    Major kudos to all the individual sponsors of the 30 plus racers who will be on the Wide Open Throttle track tomorrow.

    It appears it will be perfect, blue skies and calm seas. Praises.

    Ride safe and WOT, enjoy the ride.

    WAR: We All Race!

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    Any results yet?

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    I just heard from Paul Pham:
    Pat Roque, 1st, on Lee Phan's RXP
    Sean Conner, 2nd, on his ultra fast RXT
    Paul Pham, 3rd, on his recently upgraded RXT.
    Mark Gerner, clinching the Triple -Crown Championship with a 5th overall today.

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    Congrats to Pat! U rocked it yet again!

    Congrats to Mark Gerner for winning the overall
    in the tripple crown!

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    Lovin the LB2CAT dvd's....can't wait to ride with you all one of these days....

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    Hey Shawn, "Get Some" now did we or what

    I just like to be able to say how great it was to see all out there on the water from the racers to the race officials to the gang supporting the race, and of course to the friends and family on the land - Thanks for making this a day to remember ... The completion of the Triple Crown!
    Highlight of the day both Ahmed Aha and Brian Surfracer stopping to help a rider that was sinking -

    Thanks you Ross from RMP Racing, with Monica and team for promoting the races for us
    Aaron and Tim the owner of Dana Point Jet Ski for support the day before the race and for lending a ski for the K38 team to use as support to the racers, in addition Aaron was out there on the water assisting the race officials
    Steve Friebe for Race tech and adding up the Triple Crown stats while the others where out on the water

    Our Brother Russel Waterdemon, for making my life complete by running for K38 rescue - Russ words are not enough for what you did for us today
    Please visit the K38 site for tons of information to be safe on a PWC

    Now, I apologize for not having all the stats from today race and the Triple Crown but congratulations to Pat Roque Racer77 for todays win, he was on Lee Phan's RXP's and was FLYING! Congratz to Sean Conner RXT and Paul Pham RXT for bringing up 2nd and 3rd! These boats are tuned by Famous Steve Friebie and a little drum roll from the mermaids in the Pacific.....

    Congratulations to Mr Offshore Himself Mark Gerner So Cal Offshore 1st winner of the Triple Crown Offshore Championship

    Mark was voted as Off Shore Rider of the year by the other racers with Shawn Alladio from K38 and Lee Phan 8 for the win runners up

    Sean Conner SCR was voted as Up and Coming Racer of the year with Jim Walker 0U812 runner up This must has been a close vote!

    We had Four,... count 'em FOUR Race Teams representing today, with Factory Yamaha as one of them. Kawasaki sponsored both Shawn Alladio and her company, K38 Water Safety

    .....The AWA SoCalWaterCraft Club was out in force for the race and as members of race teams, and supporting the race. Thank you to the huge flotilla from the US Coast Guard Auxiliary and the extra radio transmitting locations set up on the water today

    Four CAF racers
    - Challenged Athletes raced today with Warren Frank One Legged Warren scoring a top ten finish today and 1st in the Challenged Athletes class

    Erica Davis -One of three lady riders today and the 1st ever Paraplegic athlete to race a PWC Offshore race and did it in under one hour!!! she was on an Kawasaki 250LX

    Now I'll let others fill in the blanks please for me and remember to check out in the comming days for all the race stats

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    Congratz to Pat for taking home the overall today! That RXP was on fire!!

    Today was a great day of racing! If you were not there you missed out!

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    Overall results for the Dana Point to Oceaside and Back Race Here (Congrats Pat Roque for the overall win!!!!):

    Pictures link also there - I have 1000 pictures still downloading

    I will post more after work

    Overall 2009 Triple Crown Results document coming soon

    A great day on the water with no injuries!!! THANK YOU all for coming out, see you next year!!!

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    Congrats to everyone!

    Mark, I can't get that link to work for the results.


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