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    RXT Intake Grate Removal

    While riding yesterday I sucked up a small piece of wood. I can see it stuck in the prop but I can't get any leverage to remove it. It looks like I'm going to have to remove the intake grate, so that I can get in there.

    I'm having trouble finding definitive information on this. What's the preferred method? I need a heat gun to heat the bolts before I attempt to unscrew them? Also, if there is a "Loc-Tight" sealant, should I even be removing the bolts? Won't breaking that sealant cause me further problems?

    Any feedback will be useful.



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    Why don't you just pull the pump? You may need to anyway to check the prop and wear ring for damage. It seems like alot of guys mess up the pump shoe pulling the grate off.

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    The problem starts when you turn that bolt and the entire seat starts turning with the bolt (there is a metal seat in the hull) that's why you want to use the heat first.

    Before you do this, let me ask; did you try starting it on the trailer and see if it will come out? We have gotten several cypress chips stuck in there over the years, and I have almost always been able to get them out by just revving the engine once or twice on the trailer. If it doesn't work, don't keep doing it, just give it one or two tries.

    You can sometimes use a pointed tool to cut and/or loosen the wood a little beforehand, and let me caution you do not allow the ski to run more than 10 or 15 seconds without water. Sometimes I think if the wood dries out it shrinks a little which helps.

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