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    Yamaha Seat Strap

    Hi Guys,
    New to the forum. Bought an 08 SHO a few weeks ago and been having a great time BUT and just wondering if anyone has put a seat strap on the on a yamaha for the back passenger? Howd you do it and where did you buy it? Its impossible to throw your mates around on the back without the seat strap that the kawasakis have. Sorry if this has been answered I did a search but couldnt find anything not even sure if they atre called seat straps.
    Thanks guys

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    I wish I could buy replacement straps for a couple of Kawis that I own. I have purchased some hand grips from the old Waverunners to install, but haven't done it yet.

    I suggest that you look at a parts diagram for a 1991 WRA650P WaveRunner III:

    Item # 15, part # 10-FJ0-63771-00-00

    You'll have to get the mounting hardware, too.

    These grips are designed to pivot. If you want stationary grips, look at some of the other mid-1990's Waverunners.

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    Wow ok not so simple. Thanks Steve I will have a look.

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