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    So what do I do?

    I found an old rusty utility trailer on the side of the road, axle snapped in half and wheel came off. Tag looks to have been freshly removed as well. I want it as it is the right size for a single jet ski trailer, which I need a second single trailer.

    It has a homemade trailer state issued VIN tag on it still though. Do I go take it or leave it? The thing has been there for days now, from the condition its in looks like they will not be back for it.

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    depending where your can go to the police dept and say that it was abandoned on your property and ask if it has been reported stolen. if it hasnt and is truly abandoned you can claim it. then go to the DMV and get a homemade trailer title.

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    Yeah the title isn't an issue. If I can get it I think I will.

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