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Thread: Wake vs gtx

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    Wake vs gtx

    Is there any difference in the wake edition other than the pylon and wakeboard holders? Impeller? tunel?

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    Not sure what year you are talking about but the newer wake model skis have a ballast system in them so you can lower the back of the ski to create a nice wake for boardin...the GTX does not offer this feature.

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    Right. Also, i want to say I remember that the Wakes were 155 horsepower originally but the more recent models are 215 horsepower. I may be way off, but I want to say i saw this somewhere.

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    GTXLTD has- Adjustable handle bars, gps, depth finder, and extra padded seat.

    Wake has- Ski pole, board racks, 08 and newer has ballast tanks that are removable. 07 is when the 215 was offered.

    Hull , impeller and tunnel is the same.

    If you wanted it all you could install a pole and racks on a GTXLTD. I think you can do the ballst tank also because it lays on the back w/some kind of mount or tye down.

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