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    MSX 150 not charging? Help!

    Hi Guys,

    After the weather finally being warm enough to get out on the water im having a bit of an issue with my msx 150 and flat batteries.

    The original battery was fully charged before it was put back into the ski prior to the first run this season, went out for about an hour or so with no problems. Took the ski out again a week later and after about 45mins the battery light was flashing at anything over about 5000rpm. Under 5000 there was no light.

    Took the ski home, had the battery tested and it had a bad cell, no worries I bought a new sealed unit instead of the original unsealed type. Charged the new sealed one, put it in the ski and had it on the water for another hour or so with no problems.

    Today we take the ski out and after about half an hour my wife pulls in to the bank to pick me up and the ski wouldnt restart, no battery lights flashing today. Just kept cranking over and not firing. Gave up after about 5 mins of trying to restart with the cranking getting slower and slower before stopping. Pulled ski out of water, packed everything up and brought it home. Tried starting it again at home and it fired up. So I have now put the battery on the charger and the charger is showing that the battery charge was quite low.

    From reading the polaris manuals it seems the battery light only comes on when the voltage is low not necessarily when the alternator is not charging.

    Any ideas/suggestions on where to start? How best to test if the battery is charging properly? I suppose there is a chance that the new battery is a dud too?


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    you have a bad voltage regulator....check your 30 amp(green) fuse in the back of the ski in the fuse holder by the emm...I bet it is blown

    voltage regulator is located under the is about a 2 hr job for someone that has never done it...not a bad fix.......

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    Yes I just discovered that the fuse is dead, melted a bit even. So I have replaced the fuse, will it blow again if I start the ski? With the regulator being under the intercooler im assuming remove the intercooler and go from there?

    Final question is it a polaris only bit or is it a fairly standard type part?

    Thanks heaps for the speedy reply!

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    Hi Hinchi,

    Try it and see, if it blows replace the regulator. Not sure what price a genuine replacement is but John at Jetsport Queensland sold me a Seadoo one that he said would work(you need to change the plugs over though) I never needed it so it is in my spares waiting for a failure that probably will never happen

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    Where is the charging system fuse exactly? i have the same problem.

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    It's on the wiring loom underneath the ECU - it looks like a small plastic box with wires coming out (actually there are two which are located together) and to open it to check the fuses you need to remove the green locking tab in the centre of the fuse box - the cover will then come off easily and you can identify teh fuses.

    Best C.

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