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    A Few Questions

    hey everybody whats up, I just got reffered here for some help. I have had some stand up kawasaki skis for a while now and recently got 2 polaris jet skis, well i got the 95 slx780 running with the exeption of when i hit wakes it shuts of and it just randomly shuts of when riding now it wont start. The 96 sl900, i had it running great or so i thought i started it up at the house one morning it ran fine i got to the boat ramp and it wouldnt start. Now its like it has real weak fire, i heard they have alot of saftey shut offs on them so i was told to unplug the mfd i did that and nothing and i unplugged the kill switch and still nothing. It fires its just real weak, I have always done al my mechanical work on my dirtbikes and recently got these its the electrical part thats killing me, The dirtbikes dont have all that lol. I would love to get some help cause i dont wanna take it to someone i wanna know whats going on with it myself especially for when something happens to me when im on the water.

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    The SLX780 issue I've heard of a few times before. Haven't been able to pinpoint EXACTLY what causes the wave jump and die symptom.

    Best thing to do is: make sure the battery connections are good, clean, and tight.

    Do you have the plastic battery cover in place between the battery and elec box?

    Make sure the ground wire has a good clean and tight connection at the engine plate. Also make sure the wire isn't loose or corroded in the connectors.

    Make sure the elec box inside is clean and dry

    Follow the wire harness going to the stator at the front of the engine, making sure the harness is in good condition.

    Do a compression test to make sure the engine is still good and wasn't having seizure issues.

    The Domestic engines seem to have issues when the battery is marginal. Try a new battery and see what happens.

    If that isn't it, there's an elec stator test procedure in the tech section. Try that.

    And the very least thing is, they had an elec update kit that you MIGHT need if it hasn't been done already.

    Someone else will be around to help you out I'm sure. Good luck.

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    Welcome to the Hulk

    Click the link below for lots more useful information.

    There is a lot you should do, and check, when you first acquire one of these Polaris PWC (or any other brand PWC). You need to check the machine from end to end, and know what to look for; what needs replacing or updating, what recommended updates may be needed.

    You have one Polaris with a blue Fuji engine, and one with the red Polaris 'domestic' engine. These engines are completely different, and share no mechanical components. The electrical systems are similar, but the actual parts are different.

    For the machine with weak spark, the number one cause is a marginal battery. These Polaris ignition systems will not tolerate a weak battery. Don't even recharge that battery, buy a new one.

    A battery that has degraded internally (and most are) may hold a re-charge for a short while (and even start the engine right after charging), but it will not be reliable over time.

    And buy a top quality battery. You want that engine to start reliably, every time. You do not want to be stranded out on the water.

    Best battery seems to be the Odyssey PC625, but any good quality factory sealed AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) battery is better than any regular lead-acid battery.

    For the machine that the engine dies suddenly when bouncing over big waves, follow xlint's advice.

    Check every cable connection. Actually remove and clean both ends of both battery cables, and clean the battery posts and engine block contact surfaces and bolts. Make sure the threads and bolt heads are clean and free of corrosion.

    Make sure the connections inside the electrical box are all solid, with zero moisture or signs of corrosion.

    And make very sure that the battery posts can not touch the electrical box shell, even when the hull is pounding up and down. The battery must be properly strapped down.

    On models with the battery mounted under the electrical box, there should be a plastic cover over the top of the battery. If that plastic cover is missing, you run the risk of burning the electrical system, which will not only stop the engine until repaired, you risk having an actual fire.

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