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    Angry Be on the look out in Miami!!! Theives!!!!

    I just got information from Green Hulk member Soto that some scumbags tried to steal one of his gpr's last night! He heard them cut the chains and ran outside to see two guys hooking up his trailer to a White Ford F150. So please if you are in the South Florida area and see a White F150 your stuff!! Lock it up good and hide it behind a fence!Thankfuly they didn't get it this time...but they will try again or on someone else.

    Last month Tony K. at Riva (parts counter) had his tripple piped GPR stolen and they took his truck too! Then they had the nerve to call and try to sell it back to him!!! This has just gotta stop! People work so hard to have nice things and punks just take it from you!

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    had a friends 4 wheeler stolen the night before last, .. bastages.I have cables looped all around my ski's and heavy chain thru the wheel's on the trailers and ball lockouts too... a cable/bolt cuter may do it, but they will have to fight the dog for 'em to get close to use it....she dont like people and will let you know it too.. least before she attacks..
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    Shoot the bastards. I would of told them I'll buy it back. The cops love those setups!

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    Those set-ups are fun!!!

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    FYI I have state farm as my insurer and they WILL insure my ski for any amount, We never want to use it but if they do get them, you need to be well insured!

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    Progressive will also insure for any amount, you just to have pictures and receipts for the work that's done. JUST got mine set up last week. It sure offer a certain peace of mind doesn't it! I'm not sure about SF wont use the bastards! (Long story!)

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