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    Considering parting out a GP1300r

    I am kicking around idea of parting out a GP1300r I have if there is enough interest I will go foward with. It is a 2005 GPR with a 2004 EFI PV1300r motor in it. Totally stock except for D-plate. The motor has about 50 hours on it. 100 psi on my mac guage on all 3 cylinders cold with throttle WFO but battery is almost dead I am going to recharge the battery and try it again and see what I get. always run Yamalube. Riva trim tabs full legnth, riva ride plate,Riva intake grate. Everything is in good working order Ho pump and 2" spacer stock prop. let me know what you need and I can see if its works to part it out

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    interested in the riva trim tabs

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    If your not doing something, its hard to screw up. stlouisramsfan's Avatar
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    I assume the top end would fit on my carb 1200pv, let me know how much for pistons, cyl, head and pv's shipped to 62040
    If you are willing to seperate

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    I'm in the middle of parting out a running ski. For all the time, I wish I would have just sold it whole, would probably have made more money and less aggrevation.

    If yours runs, why not just sell all the performance parts, then put the stock parts back on and sell it whole?

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    i am interesting for the 2'' extension and the riva trim tabs if you part it out...

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    anyone want the whole motor Yes motor is in AWESOME SHAPE

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    How much for the intake grate, rideplate D-plate n trim tabs?
    949 683 0001
    [email protected]

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    Intersted in d plate if moejoe doesnt take it.

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    i will take the top end if the price is right.

    + shipping to australia?

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