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    Repair or replace?

    I have a nice Shorelandr double trailer but it needs some repairs and I can't decide if I should repair what I have or replace it.

    What mine needs:

    All new bunks (want roller bunks)
    New lights and wiring (want LED lights)
    New jack
    New coupler
    Both rear bunk brackets re-welded to the trailer (the welds rusted away)
    New tool box on front
    I would also have it line-xed
    It does have brand new wheels/tires/bearings
    I would also add a swing away tongue with an extra 3 feet added to the front for room for a bigger box which I already have.

    I think I would come out ahead to repair what I have vs buying something else. I have yet to find a used double trailer as nice as the Shorelandr for sale in my area. Plus I would have IMO a kick ass trailer that will match my single Shorelandr trailer.

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    Repair it! I just completely redid ne of my double trailers that was getting some age.
    New bunks-$20 in wood and $20 in grey carpet
    $100 in black line x on it
    $80 in a new plastic trailer box
    already had new tires on it 18x8x8
    $49 for led light kit
    $20 in all new bolts on everything
    had to reweld and brace a lot of spots on the frame-but now its braced so it shouldnt break again

    So all in all I have about $270 and a few nights after work in it and its sharp-the line x wont rust or scratch and I culdnt have come close to touching a new one or even a nice used one for the price.

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    $25 for a new tounge jack

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