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    2005 RXP Stress Crack Upper Hull

    I have a 2005 RXP (viper red/gray) with an approximate 6" stress crack in the upper hull. The stress crack is located near the front upper section (gray painted section) of the hull near the round brp emblem. The stress crack runs through the small beveled section of the nose. Is this gel-coat or simply fiberglass. What would I need to do to fix the problem? Every year the stress crack keeps growing....

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    Lots of watercraft get stress cracks in the surface and never have
    problems; RXP's have been known to delaminate under the bottom
    but a surface crack above the waterline many times is not a big deal.

    Still, if it keeps getting bigger that may be cause for concern.
    See if you can get a couple of decent photos and let some RXP owners
    on here take a look at it for you... also you might want to get a flashlight
    and do a careful inspection under the hull; any problems there
    should get prompt attention.

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    Anything below the waterline is a major concern.
    The cracks you have are common,not that common that veryone has them,but trust me you'r not the only one.
    Mostly it's only the gelcoat,but the gelcoat protects the fiber from water intrusion,so inspect the hull and if you think the cracks may give leaks,have it repainted with a good gelcoat.

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