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    Dana Point to Oceanside Race 11.01.2009

    SUBJECT: Dana Point to Oceanside Race 11.01.2009
    Race day Sunday was one of the most beautiful California days I can recall. Fall may be here but we ride all year long. The weather was such that if we could offer it 300 days a year we would be invaded by half the world. The other half would get trampled in the rush. It was a very mild and gentle Santana Ana wind blowing with about 85 degrees and skies so blue they dazzled. I imagine that if days were reliably like this nothing would ever get done.
    People would just wander around outside smiling at one another. I also wonder if other lands and ancient people ever went through such a weather era that eventually caused their downfall. Our weather might last another day or two. A giant high inland is the cause. Global warming might be a great California real estate boom. Those edited words are from an email I received early this morning, and I thought them appropriate for this race day write up.
    My friend Ray the Sailor, like our Kawi Ultra riders on the Dana Point to Oceanside race did not care much for the weather we experienced Sunday at our Dana Pt to Oceanside Race. Ray wanted wind and fury so he could race his sailboat. Our Kawasaki Ultra rough water offshore boats wanted rough water so they could dominate the faster Seadoos.

    But what California received was not only a great flat ocean today but, one with endless miles of visibility. Don’t be fooled if you expect the same weather the same time next year – this same stretch of ocean on a very different day could’ve wreaked havoc on all racers at the start line. Not only is this stretch of ocean riddled with giant surf, exposed reefs and kelp so thick it could take a hold and keep you there if you backed off the throttle for even one second but, this stretch of Pacific Ocean can also become a new navigators nightmare – in the fog.
    The offshore run down to Oceanside can be one of the most desolate features of our California coastline. The domes of the nuclear plant you pass ensure that. But like I always say, you always have to “pay the piper” to come back up – but today was not that kind of day. Sunday’s weather had most everyone in fine outstanding form except for those whose mechanicals ruined their race. Dubz, Lee and Jim paid the piper waiting for a tow.
    My good friend Jim Walker and race partner for the Mark Hahn 300 race, Lake Havasu (Feb 26-28, 2010) was possibly the first one to go down – literally. When three of us – almost side by side (Gerner, Bushong, Perez) finally caught up to Jim he was in the water with his Seadoo bobbing up like a face up black and red Orca. At the time I had no idea who was who other than Gerner to my left in his red highly polished number 58 Red Kawasaki Ultra.

    Jim’s rapidly waving arms were either waving us off, to or to go around him. Since Kim appeared to be the closest to “sinking Walker” he backed off the throttle ever so slightly, now allowing Gerner and me to catch him. That felt good but not for long as Kim was quickly back up and leading our three person pack. Apparently, Aha and Brian (Surfracer) both stopped and came to his aide costing them the race but helping out a fellow team mate. “Catalina Crew Racing” – you guys may again be the ones to watch for next race season!
    The leader(s) of the pack Pat Roque, Sean Conner and Paul Pham were so far ahead by now that they were running their own race. To show you that seconds counted in this race we stayed in pretty much this same position from start to finish. 4th was Kim, 5th was Gerner and I was 6th, for once and ahead of Belton. As John was trying to reel me in I was trying to reel in Mark Gerner as he was trying to reel in Kim Bushong. What a great race and what a great day.

    Pat Roque came in first on Lee’s spare race boat. Yes, Lee did loan out the wrong boat; I guess it happens more than you would think. It happened to me at the Long Beach to Catalina and I’m sure being the great sport that I know Lee is its better to have a winning boat in the race – even if you’re not on it.
    The Triple Crown was a great hit with everyone and hopefully it will be back again next year.
    1. Dana Point to Catalina Sprint, Ca USA
    2. LB2CAT National Offshore Championships Ca USA
    3. Dana Point to Oceanside and Back Ca USA

    1. Pro Am Open
    2. Vet Masters
    3. Mfg. Stock
    4. Amateur Open
    5. Challenged
    6, Military
    7. Sportsman

    Follow the Triple Crown discussion at this link:

    The panel that oversaw the awards consisted of RPM Racing Ross Wallach; SoCal Watercraft Club’s own Pirate; K38 Shawn Alladio, PWCOFFSHORE.COM Mark Gerner and Famous Friebe – Clawson’s Motorsports - Steve Friebe. These panel members have a diverse and extensive background in PWC offshore riding and competition and events.

    Thank you guys for making it happen for the rest of us. Thank you team and specifically Mark Gerner – for all the fine work and effort you put in to giving us this safe and sane offshore sport from which we can get out and enjoy our great California waters when they are at their best.
    Thanks to all of you who participated and especially our challenged athletes, military and sportsman class. The award ceremony had Ross (RPM Racing) in high spirits making some great presentations worthy of the event – thank you for a very well run event.

    Monday who knows? Other than some smog, a little traffic and the state budget, we’re still golden at least until the next earthquakes, wildfires or mudslides. Those are downers too, but for anyone not from California reading this - remind the rest of the country – it’s November 1st and its 80 degrees outside. We'll take it.

    See you on the water! And better yet if you’re a racer – see you at the Mark Hahn 300, Lake Havasu, NV.


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    Top 21 positions earned numbers for the 2010 series

    Place Racer Name Points
    1.Mark Gerner 1068
    2.Paul Pham 1064
    3.Kim Bushong 1064
    4.Shawn Alladio 980
    5.Pat Roque 780
    6.John Belton 696
    7.Robert Carreon 696
    8.Ralph Perez 688
    9.Sean Conner 680
    10.Jim Walker 664
    11.Warren Frank 644
    12.Mike Arnold 608
    13.Ryan Levinson 586
    14.Craig Warner 400
    15.Lee Phan 400
    16.Chris Heinrich 368
    17.Dave Szych 352
    18.Tyler White 348
    19.Tom Phan 348
    20.Ian Settlemire 344
    21.Taylor Curtis 344

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    good post Ralph

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