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    WB2 / 800 66E Conversion Questions????


    I am new to the forum but not new to the sport. I am posting a quick note to seek some advice/knowledge of a project I am about to undertake. If I post this in error, let me know the best place to post it.

    I have a WB2 that I am in the process of restoring. While the original 760 is fine and it is a complete ski, I have gotten my hands on a perfect 66E 800 PV motor complete with exhaust, elec box, carbs, etc. I am thinking about putting this in the WB2 hull. If anyone has info on someone doing this before, it would be great to know some of the tricks, issues or recommendations.

    Hopefully this should be a fun thread with many opinions and suggestions.

    Here is also a list of other skis I currently have
    2007 HO Cruiser
    2006 GP1300R
    2003 FX140 Crusier
    2001 GP1200R Triple Pipe
    2000 GP1200 ( Basket Case)
    1996 WB2 (More Fun than any of the others)

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    off the top of my head you are probably gonna need an upright mouting kit so the cylinder will clear the inside of the engine bay, probably a modified b-pipe manifold and head pipe to clear the pv's or a PFP pipe...... i am sure there is more but that is all i can think of off the top of my head

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    It would be the same as converting a superjet-Ie hard.
    exhaust goes the wrong way, couplers dont line up etc.
    waterdawgs customs do a conversion kit for the superjet though-I found it last night, so have a look at their site.

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    i have a 66e in a sj
    before i did it again i think id just mod the 760 b2 motor
    lot less headace
    66e make awesome power but my other sj is way more fun to ride than wrench

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    Be careful with WDK, from what I have heard on other forums and experiences with friends they are super shaky on actually getting people the products, even after they are paid for.

    I recommend you find used parts before buying new from Jeff.

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    i have read all the horror storries of wdk
    ill say this i have gotten everything ive ordered from jeff
    last thing i ordered a custom fuel tank
    when it was done he called and said mail me a check , so i did , week later i called to see if he got the check , and he did and the next day i had the tank ,
    sum it up they shipped to me before they got my $
    im on the other side of the country from wdk
    wdk does have some really jam up parts but remember they are custom built
    im sure he has a real job and this is just a over flow of a hobbie
    jeff is hard to get in touch with
    just be patient

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