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    what 4tec parts are interchangeable? for conversion

    what years of 4tec parts will work together and what will not? like the ecu,fuel pump, gauges, harness ,and motor?also what is the difference in the 185hp, 215hp,and 255hp 4tecs? and how do tell them apart if the are out of the ski?

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    that link don't answer any of my questions

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    the info you seek is on this site but your going to have to search for it.

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    and questions prob best answered searching in the Seadoo section

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    Take a lesson frome someone who has parted one together. DONT DO IT! get one thats complete that you can see run before you buy it. I have built 4 GRPXP's now and I can tell you buy a cheep RXP and sell off what you dont need. then sell off the GPR stuff you dont need. You will probally break even (if not a head a little)on what you spent buying the cheep RXP and you almost all the parts you need. If you look up all of my build there are tons of pictures and how to and lessons learned. Trust me I have made a BUNCH of mistakes (still makeing some).

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