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Thread: broke parts

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    broke parts

    hi guys i went skiing to day and broke my nozzel deflector and my ring trim i didnt know were to ask this question tryed in market place said not allowed, does anybody have these part laying around that they took off when upgrading there ski my ski is a 05 gp1300r i live in sydney australia

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    can you post pics of the broken parts?

    i broke mine last year but managed to fix it, maybe we can fix yours too

    the plastic nozzles are junk anyway, just replace it with an sho steering nozzle, net cost 30 USD ...the trim ring can probably be fixed...

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    thanks heaps for your reply but a great guy by the name of mrbtd already helped me out with some cheap parts he had to get me back in the water 5 times cheaper then the shops tryed to charge me thanks again

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