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    Talking Got my new PWC this week! Wondering about safety equipment! :)

    Hello! I'm new to the forums, and it's great to see all these people so passionate about this great sport.

    Well, I just got my new Ultra 260x this week. Quite spectacular really. But all this speed got me worried about safety, and I couldn't find a better place than here to ask about safety equipment (I did numerous searched but couldn't find anything concrete).

    LIFE JACKET - I want a sleek, thin, high-performance life jacket. I was wondering what brand I should get, but most importantly, WHERE. I've been looking online everywhere and I couldn't find an online store with a decent selection.

    SUIT - Is a suit really necessary? I won't be doing any racing, just recreational riding.

    HANDLEBAR GRIPS - The stock 260x grips are probably the worst in the market. They're slippery and thin. Which ones should I consider and where can I get them?

    GLOVES - The stock 260x grips got me thinking about gloves. I have no idea where to start here!

    Every bit helps!

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    I have the fly racing f-16 gloves. They're pretty good, padded in the palm and reinforced by the thumb. As for lifejackets I dont know exactly how safe mine is but its comfortable. I have the slippery switch molded vest, super comfortable. Has a fabric inner lining so it doesnt irritate the nips.

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    A few tips on safety items, don't want to repost so please excuse the links:

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