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    Thumbs down Launching and Recovery using a quad?

    Hi all,
    Does anyone launch and recover their ski's with a quad bike?
    I'm not sure if a quad would be up to the job, especially where I ski in the UK where the tide goes out almost a mile leaving a mixture of sand bars, 1/2foot deep rivers to cross and soft sand.

    Can anyone recommend one they use if they use, the ski I have is an fx140 so its a heavy one


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    At some races they use ATV/Quad type vehicles on sand and gravel beaches. Have a look at the Havasu and Mark Hahn race threads.

    When you get to the water's edge, will the trailer have to go far into the water before the ski will float off?

    What size/width tires are on the trailer?
    The wider and larger diameter the tire the better for soft ground.

    PWC Beach cart?

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    hi K447, the trailer has regular road wheels on not the beach/balloon type. I have put it in some way to float off, usually up to the back wheels of our last towing vehicle a range rover p38.
    Those beach carts look fantastic!

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    So you are looking for a launch vehicle that will be OK with immersion in salt water for launch and retrieval.

    The lower the PWC hull is on the trailer, the less distance/depth the tow vehicle will need to go into the water.

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    i use my quad to launch all the time, it's an old ass honda 300 fourtrax 4x4 and i launch right from my house and the incline isn't very steep, so i might have to get the back tires in the water but i have no problems. Plus with the four wheel drive, it never has a problem pulling the gpr out.

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