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    To my closest friend....

    We don't talk much yet every weekend we are together.

    So much we can tell each other with only 5 words spoken in a whole day. Odd but its what happens when two truly understand one another. Ya I know its me yapping all day long and your just looking at me odd.

    I know now isnt the time to talk or joke, so I write this here so you can see my words and reread them for as long as you like.

    You are my closest friend and it hurts to see this happen to you. I am so sorry for it and you will always and forever have a home within my home. From this day on I will be watching for you, looking over you and will always come when you need someone.

    Love ya little brotha and Im truly sorry to see this happen to such a great kid.

    Your friend...
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    To My Real Close Friend


    Kaz so sorry to hear the news bro. Its just rough how life just throw things at you , but we got to be strong & get rite back up..

    Like Skipz see's you as a lil brother, you're like a big brother to me.Ever since the Yamaha 2-Stroke Dayz, all up to now with the Kawi 4-Strokes.

    All my knowledge and skills is because of you mang,and know that im always looking up to you. There will always be place for you in my home as well.. If theres anything you ever need, just let me know.

    Love Ya Bro, and My Condolences.. Your a Great Person
    Your Friend


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    My condolences go out to Kaz and his family as well.. Praying for ya bro..

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    Kaz,sorry to hear about your sad loss i know its tough now but time heals wounds,iam praying for you.

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    my condonlences go out to your family you all are in my prayers

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    Our condolences go out to Kaz an his family, from the Good 2 Go family an crew. If you need anything or just someone to talk to give me a shout bro.

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    Thanks guy for the condolences to me and my family.

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    Kaz I am sad to hear about your loss...It must b really hard 2 have 2 say good bye to some1 u are use 2 seeing on the regular ESPECIALLY a team and I send are condolences to you and your family... God Bless and stay strong
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    Condolences to Kaz and family. Stay strong and live life the way he would have wanted you to.

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