Amateur Runabout Open Moto One Results

November 6, 2009

The IJSBA would like to recognize all competitors in the Amateur Runabout Open class at the 2009 quakysense World Finals. These competitors elected to declare that Cesare Vismara was the 2009 World Champion as a tribute to their esteemed colleague.

It is important recognize exactly what was the magnitude of this tribute. Nineteen competitors raced competitively all season to be prepared for the World Finals and then incurred a great deal of expense and sacrifice to get there and advance to the Main Event which consists of two Motos. These persons all contested the Amateur Runabout Open and many of them could have been the World Champion.

Therefore the IJSBA would like to present the Moto 1 accomplishments* of the Amateur Runabout Open competitors so that they may all be congratulated on their successes as well as be recognized for what they gave in the ultimate demonstration of sportsmanship and respect for their follow racer:
  1. Joesph Scaturchio
  2. Billy Dearman
  3. Jeremy Schandelmayer
  4. Cesare Vismara
  5. Deniso Casarini
  6. Chutchanun Siriwattanakul
  7. Guy Greenland
  8. Montien Siriwattanakul
  9. Giorgio Viscione
  10. Roshaa Goff
  11. Ricky Trevizo
  12. Ryan Smith
  13. Matthew Leggett
  14. Joey Mauldin
  15. Dan Silva
  16. Weerapong Maneechom
  17. Troy Snyder
  18. Dennis Mack
  19. Rainer Eidner
* These were the finishing positions based on the final posting on the pit board. Further adjustments, penalties, and unresolved missed buoy calls may not be reflected in these results.