We want to see if there is any interest in trading our zxi for another ski. My brother and I have owned it for roughly 4 years and it is an unbelievably reliable ski. The only problem we had was in the first few months we owned it two of my really uncoordinated friends decided to ride the ski together and flipped it. Not knowing the consequences of the salt water, they were laughing at themselves while attempting to right the ski and successfully hop on for nearly 5 minutes. We fixed what the salt had done to the engine, and the ski is nearly perfect. In the past three years, it has yet to fail and let us down. It always start on the first attempt after sitting for an entire season! This ski is now mainly used as a couch on the lake and becomes the tow boat for our stand-ups after we decide to sink them . The ski is slightly modified with a cool-head, stock-modified carbs w/ flame arrestors, ride plate, beach house sponsons, intake grate, and new handle bars (not full steering). Ski is pre-mix , mirrors have been removed and the front hood has been painted black. Just within the few months the KATS stopped working, but the ski still handles like a dream! Tachometer is the only gauge that still works and the steering column is a little loose (we are going to try to fix this shortly). This ski probably hits 60 mph, as it keeps up with my friend's stock sea-doo gsx(???) with the 951. Now that we have an ultra 150 and 2 stand-ups that are faster than it, it doesn't get much use anymore.

Maybe trade for a wave blaster??? We are open to offers.

The only picture I have on my computer at the moment:

Also, if anyone is interested in the GPR hull pictured, it is for sale as well