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Thread: 2004 mxs 150

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    2004 mxs 150

    What's a 2004 MSX 150 worth with a blown turbo? I actually found this one locally!

    Heres the ad:

    polaris water craft good engine blown turbo comes with trailer
    blue book on it is about 7200
    replace the turbo is about 3000
    would consider a trade for a quads dirtbikes or snowmobiles or older chev or gm 4x4
    will take a cash offer as well

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    Blown turbo - depends what exactly is 'blown' about it

    The MSX 150 doesn't have a good reputation in the resale market, so values tend to be depressed. Non-running machines often have more problems than the seller thinks (or says) they do.

    What would you pay for it if you knew that the entire engine was trashed? It might be.

    Value - depends what it is worth to you

    Location is also important, some areas tend to support higher prices for used PWC than other areas.

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