Need help with pump removal on 600 hour 2002 FX140. Got it out 2 inches only to hard metal clunk. Yamaha mechanic said "common problem, and jerk it out with tie down strap on quad." Broke the strap, and rattled loose the bulkhead pump outer mounting collar. He said "try counter- rotating the drive shaft". He once had to cut a shaft off at the Yamaha dealership, and replace it, along with the intermediate housing, etc. The 4 main bolts were stiff. Broke off the small bolt by water intake. Wish me luck on getting intake grate bolts out, to turn shaft.
All because of vibration between 7 - 8000 rpm after recent reduction gear box re-build, which had way more vibration.
Suggestions? Should I continue with pump removal to find vibration source (impellar or shaft)? Ride it as is till it dies? Sell it cheap? Burn it in a movie stunt?