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    Too much oil coming out from plug holes!!!!

    Guys I got GTI 04 stock. I use premix 40-1(no injection oil), crankshaft has 7 hours only(hotrods).
    the problem began with some gray smoke, shut down the GTI and 10 minutes before the craft doesnīt start, doesnīt crank so I pulled spark plug out and crank it and big mounts of oil (only oil no premix) spray my entire garage.
    I was researching and read about blown center cranks oil seals but my crankshaft has only 7 hours since rebuild.

    How can I fix this?

    What cause the problem?

    Thanks in advance!!!

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    Assuming that the new crank has good seals (as it should) then the likely culprit would be a leak in the case seal allowing oil from the Rotary Valve shaft cavity into the combustion chamber(s).

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    To expand on Krunch's answer, there are four common areas that can leak oil from the RV cavity into the lower crankcase:

    - Crankshaft seal inner sealing surface (seal to crankshaft)
    - Crankshaft seal outer sealing surface (seal to crankcase)
    - Seal between the crankcase halves
    - RV shaft seal

    Since you have a fairly new crank, the inner sealing surface is likely not the culprit, but Hot Rods uses cheap seals, so YMMV.

    Did you do the work yourself? What sealant did you use for the case halves? I personally quit using Loctite 515/518 after seeing several case seal failures on engines I have torn down. (I use Threebond 1211, great stuff...)

    If I were you, I would pull the carbs and RV cover, and do an in-hull pressure check of the RV cavity. If you are lucky and its the RV seal, then it is the easiest fix. If it's not the RV seal, the engine has to come apart. It's not easy to determine exactly where it is leaking, i.e. between case halves or the outer seal surface. I would tear down, clean, reseal, and put back together and do a pressure check. Then you may luck out and not need a new crank.

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    Well I think I need a new crank. I took engine out, disasembly it and one seal has to much play, but thatīs not the worst, the bearing is destroyed I donīt know why.

    I think I need another crank. But Iīm going to wait till I save some money.
    thanks in advance guys!!

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    What bearing is destroyed? There are 6 on the crank. Post us up a pic.

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    Let me take a picture, but is the next one to the seal (RV) pto cylinder side, as well the seal is bad. Let me post a picture.

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    Sorry is from the mag piston side not the pto.

    Here are the pictures.

    Crankshaft has only 8 hours.

    Why this happened? I use premix

    Pistons and rings looks good.
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    Just a guess, but do you think the seals spun in thier grooves and destroyed themselves? How do the grooves look?

    Also, when you drop a new crank in, are you supposed to put sealant on the labyrinth washer seals (ie. what Marvin is pointing to)? I know SBT uses a ton of black RTV on these seals and everything else. My OEM crank looked like it didn't have any sealant at all.

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    I put a little Hylomar around the outside of the seals and use Loctite Green around the outside of the main bearings.

    Which brings me to the main bearing that failed. Either it was just a bad bearing, or perhaps (and I am not too sure if an aluminum case could do this) it was not seated properly and was deformed when the case was torqued down.

    As a general rule, main bearings do not fail as long as they have lube and the engine is not over-loaded (in that situation the mains on the back END of the crank may fail, though other stuff often dies first).

    You almost have to want to kill an inner main to lose one, if the crank has quality bearings. That is assuming that there was sufficient lubrication.

    It would not happen to have mis-matched case halves, would it?

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    The bearing was defective to start with, or the person doing the pressing when the crank was assembled screwed it up. If it was lubrication issue the engine would have seized both pistons first, as they are the weak link.

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