Hello everyone. I am new to the site and I would like to thank everyone for all of their contributions that make these forums so very valuable.

I am also new to the PWC arena. I purchased my first Seadoo (2008 RXT-X 255) a few months ago and have had a blast this summer.

I have began preperations for winter storage and I have lots of questions about the craft in general.

Anyone know of (or care to make one) a guide that explains the supercharged Seadoos? When I look under the seat, I would like to know what everything is under there... I have good understanding of engines and mechanics in general, I am just new to PWCs and boats altogether.

What would be nice for beginners like myself is a picture of the engine compartment with all major hoses labeled, with flow direction arrows.

I am willing to put this together myself if someone would be kind enough to "get me started" by pointing my in the direction of attainable service manuals, etc.

Some of my main questions are these:

1. Why do boats have a wet exhaust, and how does it work specifically on the RXT-X/RXP-X?

2. I understand that the shaft seal needs to be cooled with water, can someone elaborate on this? Does the water that is coming through the grate and into the tunnel just run over the seal to keep it cool, or is there a flowpath associated and water actually injected around the seal??

3. How does air get to the engine on the RXP/T-X? I still haven't quite figured this one out... although it appears to suck it from beneath the seat, then go to the SC, then intercooler, then to throttle body... Then there is another hose running from the front of the seat to the front of the hull.... why?

Thanks in advance for any help!!