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Thread: Raider CDI

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    Raider CDI

    From a newbie here on the boards. Anyone got a cdi for sale??

    Contact BEX Here is his profile. He needs one!!!

    I have a 96 Raider 1100, that lost a CDI in heavy surf on Friday. I am looking to post a Want To Buy in the Yamaha Classifieds section, to exhaust all my options before I am forced to spend $629.50 at Riva. Is there anyway I can post the WTB? What options do I have instead of just waiting for someone to offer one up for sale.

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    i have some good, freshwater, yamaha 1100 electrical parts here. i looked at his contact info, and he does not have an email listed. sorry, i do not do PM's.

    have hime give me an email, or call the shop if i can help.


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