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Thread: GP 1200 ?????

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    GP 1200 ?????

    I have a 97 gp 1200 and i had some questions. first when im riding it i notice that the front end sits real low in the water. everyone who sees it or rides it says the other pwc they ride sits up higher out of the water, theres no water inside the hull or anything is this common for these?? and are they suppose to turn over easily. because its done like twice. oh and if anyone has any ideas on a good repair manual i would appreceaite it. thanks

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    No not easly..
    First have u investigated all the areas where water can sit?..
    Ensure nothing loose and heavy is stored in the front or rear compartments?..
    Is your fuel tank along with the mounts holding the engine secure?..
    Is the ride plate flush with the bottom of the hulll, with all bolts present?..same with the grate and pump itself..
    Factory sponsons? and if so adjusted for your rideing style?...
    Are your drain plugs in the rear installed with good oring seals?..
    Are the seats dry and not water loged under the cover?...(top heavy)
    Is your trim left in the down position, forcing the nose in?...
    Have you inspected the ski intermitantly for water intrusion while rideing?...
    Just how much weight are you loading into the ski when riding?...

    Sorry for the questions but these are a start to find where your ski may have issues needing to be address ...

    The GP series will can be rolled as any ski ,under the 'right' conditions.. the GP is more stable than the prior year yami skis by a long shot..

    I weigh 210 and add another 10 lbs into storage,along with a full tank of fuel. I have not EVER rolled mine under normal riding conditions..been thrown off under high G's before that's happened..

    WR's.. yes, rolled em'...GP..nope

    I'm not easy on the ski...... or my body, while on it..

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    So its not suppose to sit that low in the front?? yeah and the back sits just above the water so if you get it on it then let off water comes up over the back then you have like 2 to 3 inches of water where your feet are until go again and then front lifts up draining it out. but just idling its like right above the water. thanks for the help. this is my first jet ski im still learning. how long do these normally last?? it has a 100 hours on it and still runs good. everybody talks about how hard they are to work on and i deff cant afford to take it somewhere.

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    Gp's definetly sit low in water I have a 97& 98. XL sit up much higher and drier. As far as working on them not a big deal have patience. And btw this is the best site for info and help!

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    I got 160 on mine and it is still goin strong.

    Do you mean while resting in the water it sits low? Thats not such a big deal as if you were riding it and the front sits low.

    Check out the pics in this thread:

    That is normal.

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    Hey thanks guys for all the advice!!!

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    Get that front end up in the air and the rest of the ski will follow.

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    Yes, they ride low, especially at idle. I notice I push a lot of water up over the front when idling out, but once on the gas, it jumps up and planes nicely. My XL760s both ride much higher and drier, I can wear jeans and tennis shoes and those and never get wet. The GP1200, however, the footwells will have water sloshing around until you get going to drain it out.

    Normal. It's a fairly small hull for such a heavy ski/motor. The XL1200s ride much better. It's simply a matter of size. The GP hulls are shorter being 2 seaters, and a bit narrower I believe.

    As for hours, I have no idea how many are on mine, the previous owner stated about 75. Who really knows? I don't have a clue. If it's running good, keep riding it and don't worry about it. If it is a stock motor, you can probably run it for years and have no problems. Mine is heavily modified and I have constant issues to keep up with, it's just the nature of the beast. They aren't too hard to work on, just have patience and ask questions. Hopefully your arms are skinny and your wrists are double jointed!

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