IJSBA Rule Change Comment and Suggestion Period November 9 - December 13

November 8, 2009
The IJSBAís official rule change comment and suggestion period is now open. Persons interested in making rule change suggestions for the 2010 IJSBA Rule Book must have these suggestions submitted by December 13, 2008.

While the official rule change comment period begins on November 9, all suggestions received in 2009 have been stored and shall be included in the presentation to the Board of Directors. To send a suggestion to the IJSBA email [email protected] or fax to +1-(714)-751-8609. You may call +1-(714)-751-8695 to express your ideas but it is highly advised to send in your suggestions in writing.

If you want something changed then you need to tell us. It is great to post your ideas on internet forums and talk about them with your friends and colleagues but if you donít reduce them to writing and send them to the IJSBA and discuss them with us then we have no way of putting your ideas on the table.

Be prepared to discuss and debate your ideas in a professional manner. The reason that you may get replies that ask you to consider other positions, or that point out some potential incompatibilities and concerns, is not because anyone wants to shoot down your ideas. What is going on is that we receive hundreds of comments (from all points of the globe-each with their own perspective) each year. We need to flush out all of the possibilities and positions to try and bring about the best compromise possible.

The IJSBA family includes more than 50 active nations, Five OEM companies, numerous aftermarket producers, and thousands of competitors. Our goal is to make a rule book that encompasses all of the interests of the PWC Racing community as well as embraces the most sound principles for retaining members, attracting new members, and fostering growth.

So, please send us an email of what you want changed (or what you donít want changed- thatís as important) before December 13. The sooner the better because it will allow more time for feedback. The IJSBA Board of Directors will prepare a final voting slate which will be released by December 20. Voting will be completed within three days of releasing the voting slate.

The IJSBA will then post the results of voting once all votes have been counted.

The IJSBA will release a draft of the 2010 Rule Book on (approximately) December 28. There will be a period of seven calendar days to suggest rewordings and to make other edits.
Our goal is to have the 2010 IJSBA Rule Book on the press before the second weekend of January (please note that the Rule Book will already be available online).

The IJSBA By Laws vest the power to change the rule book in the Board of Directors. Any rule change must be passed by a majority at quorum. The new Board of Directors should be installed next week (or shortly after, please be patient as a lot of people have heavier workloads than ever before). This will increase the Rider Representative Vote by ONE. Competitors should lobby both Rider Representatives as well as the Managing Director for rule change suggestions.

A discussion of the draft(s) and a debate shall take place before voting. The drafts may be placed in a specific order and may be amended before being placed in a pattern. Once the voting pattern is established, the Chairman of the Board or the Vice Chair will call for a vote. Votes are Yes, No, or Abstain. Directors may vote in sequential order with conditions upon each line item (example: Item One: Yes; Item Two: Yes, unless Item One passes, if Item One passes then NO). Any line item receiving a majority of Yes votes shall pass.

The Managing Director shall prepare a preliminary report of the results to the public on or by December 10.

Be advised that while a director may discuss items with any member of the public, each director is bound to vote in the best interests of the constituency that he or she represents and is also bound to vote in the best interests of the IJSBA as a company to ensure the best and most stable future of the IJSBA so that it may continue to serve IJSBA Members.

The IJSBA is a not-for-profit corporation. The IJSBA is not owned, in whole or in part, by any person(s), company, entity, or organization. The IJSBA exists as its own entity with any earned surpluses being retained as property of the company for future business capital.

Should the IJSBA ever dissolve then any assets would first be used to pay all current and projected IJSBA debts and expenses with any remaining monies refunded to those person(s) or who initially funded the construction of the IJSBA. Any balances thereafter would escheat to the State of California or be sent to a charity agreed upon by the IJSBA Board of Directors upon the dissolution of the company.

The IJSBA is a global association of the various interests in the sport of organized personal watercraft use focusing on competitions. The IJSBA headquarters are in Half Moon Bay, California, USA. For more information about the IJSBA or about the IJSBA Rule Book, please email [email protected] or call +1-(714)-751-8695.