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    Which Best?!18 enn

    Hi guys i am new of the furum nice to meet you!
    I'm from Italy and i am 18 here when u reach this age u can got watercraft license for driving legally before i risked too many times :O police!
    i 'm writing here because Italian Watercraft forum are rubbish and i need someone to tell me some useful informations!

    I Would like to buy one Runabout and i'm so confused...i would like to buy something with good performances, with good stabily but also that i don't have to constantly fixed...

    I thought:

    1) Seadoo Rpx-x 2010 What about it? i scared about people said " seadoo is full of issues " is real?(love it)
    2) Kawasaki Ultra 260-->people told me this is the best and the performance are similar to rpx...i dunno
    3) my dear friend got a Fzr superstock but i would like to change model!

    -I would like to buy it in Usa because Euro-dollar change is really convenient 12.000$ is like 8.500 euro but what about spedition cost?
    - What about buyng Used Watercraft is safe? to pay less?

    Congratulations again for this Beautiful forum!

    (sorry for my english i hope could be undestandable)

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    Welcome to the Hulk..

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    first welcome to greehulk
    second you did a great job on writing your questions in english
    ultra 260 choice i can't tell you much about them i do know kawi's have had they full share of problems and have stop production for 2010 along with honda the 2010 rxp-x maybe the better choice if it has the s3 hull design they did have some tunnel cracking problems but the s3 design may have solve this just starting out that rxp-x is alot to handle be careful hope this helps

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