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    2008 FX 1000 vs 2009 FX HO

    I know the obvious difference - engine size. Other than that, what are the differences between these two years. I had always thought that I was going to get a new 09. However, I've just found a new 08 for $6900. First, is this a good price? Second, how much difference will there be in performance. I'm only looking for something to tow a tube/skier/etc. What is the HP rating on the 08?


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    The 08 is a 160bhp and the 09 is 180bhp. I have only rode an 09 with a damaged prop so i cant say much about the performance but it has a slightly faster top end speed.

    My 08 tows with ease it has plenty of power for that.

    There are a few changes made on the top deck of the 09 and it has cruise assist and no wake mode.

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