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    New To PWC Modifications

    Hi all,

    New to the site and the subject of mods.

    I am taking delivery of new 2010 FXSHO.

    My typical rides are long 150kms all dayers in various conditions.

    I am getting a Jet Trim seat installed but would be keen to here from other riders as to recommended mods which can enhance this ski.

    Which order would you do these in ?

    How do they affect the warranty ?



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    Hey there and welcome to the forum.

    Bunch-o-info here--do your homework and use the search feature. Greenhulk's build explains a ton about the engine mods you can do for the SHO motor.

    Good luck!

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    I agree.. Welcome and enjoy that bad boy. You will find a world of great members on this forum with a a heck of a lot of knowledge on this SHO motor.. good luck buddy!

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    Like 5001Craig said, Greenhulk's build up thread is a must. I just read it again yesterday for about the 10th time. I think its over 100+ pages now so it takes a awhile, but very informative. I started out on this site about 5 months ago and I knew nothing about this stuff. I have learned quite a bit since and have a long way to go. So, If you have a question.... try the search button....if you still can't find the a thread and someone will gladly help.
    P.s. You can purchase aftermarket stuff here for 10% off when you decide to start adding Mod's. (Add "greenhulk" into the coupon code)

    And.....Your first mod is the intake grate!

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    There is no short answer. If you want to start modding you have quite a few hours of research in your future. I would start here: as many have suggested.

    If you want an idea of what parts to get started take a look at my signature. I have basic bolt on parts as of now, and am getting ready to go big boost this winter.

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    I agree with the Intake grate, but If You are a long distance rider need to have in consideration gas consumption..most of this mods are for speed.. and not for long rides .. I may be wrong..

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