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    Manifold removal 93 SL750

    I have to replace the starter on my 93 SL750. I seen in the manual where it says that I have to loosen the exhaust pipe and move it to get to the 9 bolts that hold the manifold on.
    I did those steps and I am still having a heck of a time getting to two of the bolts at the far front of the manifold.
    Does anyone have a trick or a suggestion on how to remove them without too much trouble?

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    A good assortment of extensions is all I can think of.

    Just have to go in blind and feel them out.


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    I am going to try one of those flexible extensions that look like a long spring. I hope that works, just worried about the strength of it and if it will work.
    I'm at the point that I want to drill a hole through the body and just plug it later!
    Just kidding, although it may just work.
    By the way, nice bike.

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    for my 650 I had the same problem...I ended up shifting the exhaust mount on the front of the motor over as far as I could, which gave me just enough room to shift the pipe forward a bit more. it was still a tight fit, and it took me a good hour to remove those last 2 bolts, which ended up comgin up after a shot of pentrating oil and slowly turning by hand.

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    Thanks for the info, I will just hae to take my time with them and hopefully they come out soon.

    When I took the manifold off the gasket crumbled into a million pieces.

    Does anyone know where I can get a reasonably priced gasket set for this thing? I have no idea where to even look.

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    I have to tell you, THIS FORUM IS THE BEST!

    I ordered up those gasket for 26.00 with shipping.

    I seriously appreciate the help guys!

    Hopefully one day I can return the favor.

    First time breaking this thing down this far, think I am going to enjoy the project after all.

    Had a local shop tell me to scrap the thing that it wasn't worth the price to put in a new starter, so far it cost me well under $100.00.

    Guess they don't have a liking for the old Polaris but I do.

    Thanks again guys!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MikeyG2 View Post
    I have to tell you, THIS FORUM IS THE BEST!

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    Yeah, this site Rocks!!!!!

    Best bet is to get the exh pipe pushed as far forward (out of the way) as possible without kinking the steering cable. That will help you get as much room as possible.

    The spring-like extension will not work. It will just coil up after you torque on it real good.

    The perfect size extension and a flex ratchet works best for me.

    Trying to use a swivel just seems to make it flop around too much and slip off.

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    Went to the tool shop today and bought a $24.99 flexible extension. Of course before I saw the the last post.
    I guess paying the $24.99 was a good thing because the extension I bought actually has some kind of metal flexing shaft inside the spring.
    Anyway worked like a charm, needed two people though to keep the socket end on while the other turned the thing, but it worked pretty good.
    Can't remember the last time I spent $24.99 to remove anything except VD!
    Only kidding about the VD guys!
    Anyway, it seems like the thing had sucked water in to the cylinders because chocolate milk was running our of the manifold. I managed to clean it out with the help of some engine cleaner and I am hoping the little guy starts.
    Won't know until I get the gasket kit in which seems to be a task in itself.
    Wish me luck!
    Thanks again.

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