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    87 kawasaki 440 stand up your thoughts needed

    I am looking at a 87 440 for sale locally
    I have never owned a stand up but love to water ski and jet ski
    I have 2 seadoos and a kawasaki 750ss
    the 440 is in nice condition all stock with a nice trailer he is asking $500.00
    is the 440 stock under powered? or will it be a good starter stand up?
    is 500.00 a good price?
    It hasnt been ran in two years and is winterized with the gas drained out.
    Is there anything (common problems) I need to check?
    We ride in lake Erie and like to wave jump.
    I will put a battery in it and try to start it before I purchase or at least do a compression check.


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    I believe that's the first PWC I ever tried. I only rode it for about 10 minutes, but I didn't fall off!

    Not much power, for sure. I would guess top speed was about 25 MPH.

    I've thought about trying to find something like that and converting it into a fire water pump that I could put in my pool to spray water in case I ever had a fire in my home (seriously!).

    I think you'll be disappointed in it's performance in comparison to modern 'Skis. I wouldn't pay $500 myself. It would be like buying a Windows 3.1 computer.

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    the guy told me its a 440 but I looked at it today and its a js550
    so what about a 550?

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    if its your first one and you want to learn on it you really want something with enough power to get up on it easily. I would look for a 750sx or an older superjet. More money but a hell of a lot more fun and easier to ride. My .02

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