I have a 95 polaris 750 sl/slt short block for sale. I bought it for 240.00. Stator and cover is on, anchor, looks great. 1 rod is hanging on the rod journal ever so slightly.. The rest spins perfect!!!!! Top of same rod has a touch of galling on it.Yep! it's the PTO rod. so it's not huge money to get fixed. just a bearing and a rod. crank end is smooth and clean. I'll provide pics if needed. or video of the rod hanging and how much. Darn thing looks brand new! Just needs TLC!. i'LL THROW IN 3 JUGS. NO PISTONS. YES THEY NEED HONING AND OR/BORE. GH price of 125.... I'm losing half but your gain. rod can be had for 65.00 new and the bearing is about 15-30 depending on where you buy it! Pay thru PAYPAL IF YA LIKE. PROBABLY WEIGHS ABOUT 75LBS TO SHIP.