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    Newbie and a few questions.

    Hey guy's and girls,
    New to the jet ski thing. I know im getting in to the sport at the wrong time of year but thats how it worked. I just bought my wife and daughter a pair of 95 sea doo gtx's for their birthday. Iv'e been reading and learning as much as i can. I have the manual and such for service. I know my way around a 2 stroke just it always been with snowmobiles. Few Questions??? I think i get the winterizing thing but couldnt find a lot on my ski's, any tips or places to look (posts). On changing pump oil. I know how but can it wait till spring? Will be changing gray fuel lines also in spring. Think thats it for now. Looks like a great site. Thanks for any help. Chris.

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    Jet pump oil change is simple... but man that stuff stinks!!!

    Just remove the exit nozzle assembly, and you will see the cone attached to the back of the jet pump. Remove the three bolts that hold it on, elevate the ski, put a drain pan under it, pull the cone... and hold your breath When its finished draining, reinstall the cone as long as the o-ring on it still look good... if not replace them! Use some blue 242 or 243 loc-tite on the bolts! Pay attention that the fill plug is on the top right side... and pump as much new oil in there as you can! Fill... let it sit, fill... let it sit... etc. Once it will not hold anymore oil... wrap the fill plug in teflon tape and reinstall it. Throw the nozzle assembly back on... and your done

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