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    2000 GSX RFI Exhaust Blown Out - Is this common?

    Helping out on a pair of 2000 GSX 800 RFI - both have low hours - one at 65 one at 80. Both have the exhaust silencer melted in the exact same place - at the top on the left side silencer. Is this common? Any fix to it? I was thinking jb weld or something like that.


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    in order to cool the exhaust water flows thru it and the part thats melted, so you have a water restriction somewhere in the exhaust pipe cooling setup. look up in the microfische your model and yr & water routing. Then take off those hoses and use compressed air to blow them out and doo all the fittings on the pipe too. next check the water regulator on top of the water box/muffler they can come apart/break inside.


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