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    08 x ecu

    ya want an x charger upgrade..on your 215
    this is the simple solution to fueling

    i have an 08 rxpx ecu with 2 keys for sale

    will work on 07 to 09 skis 215 or as a replace ment for x ski

    this ecu will allow you to run a x charger with aftermarket intercooler with only the addition of the 42# injectors..

    no valve train upgrade needed

    sold thank you

    no rrfpr needed run x charger

    it is mapped properly fro the 42 so it will not be rich at idle or cruze..

    the stock rpm offers long term reliability

    great for rec boat wanting to run an x charger ...

    wanting to keep it simple no mess no fuss set up ...

    350 shipped to 48 paypal accepted

    i ended up with a riva ecu injectors and valve train upgrade at a cost of almost 1700
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