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    gp1200r not starting easy

    ive got a gpr1200 with 50hrs on it it starts fine most of the time but if i go out an ride it hard wen i go to start it again 5 min later its realy hard to start takes about 30sec to 1 min of truning it over but it start good every other time what do u think the problem wood be

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    Sounds like your carbs need to be cleaned. Low speed circuits are getting plugged up.

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    +1 on the carbs, pm osidebill he is the carb god
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    but why wood it do it only after ive rode it hard

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    Pump diaphragms going out; pump discs going out; internal screens getting clogged, etc.

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    Is your boat still stock? Does it still have the accellerator pump working right?

    When you pull the accellerator trigger a couple of times, you should actually hear fuel being squirted into the cylinders. If you do not hear the fuel, continue to pull the trigger. Do not pull on the trigger while you are cranking.

    If you still can't hear it, then choke it and then crank untill it starts.

    This is for a stock boat. If you have an after market system i.e. manual primer system, all of the rules change.

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    i hade the same problem...i cleaned the carbs and still nothing...i install a primer kit and my problem solved.

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    Or your reeds are going bad.

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