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    Different needle settings on both carbies????wtf

    Hello this is my first post (noob)
    i recently bought a 94 kawasaki 750sxi, rebuilt motor, oversized pump, not sure what brand, twin cdk2.etc.

    i've done 5.4 hours on it without a hitch. all was going great untill i had a acceleration problem where it would hesitate, wouldn't stall! until the revs picked and at half throttle it would launch like normal, but nothing until then. i got 2 carb rebuild kits and went to work noting the needle settings and then pulling apart everything.NOW here's what i found.looking from the right side of ski.
    the left carby- low was 4turns + 40 degrees IN
    -high was 290 degrees in

    the right carby -low was 1turn+125 degrees in
    -high was 180 degrees in

    however i noticed when i took them out there these little black nylon 3mm spacers that would have made them all be different. they are as followed.
    both high and low on the left carb had 1 each. And the right carb had 2 on the high and none on the low they all had the o-ring as well. i've done the math and taking in all that they are still all different.
    other than that the carbs were pretty good inside a little corrosion on the gaskets, a blocked fuel return hole and thats it. has anyone got any thoughts...thanks.

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    The differences seem rather extreme, but carbs are rarely the same. If they were, you wouldn't need adjustment screws, now would you?

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